Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jorge A Rivera and WELCOME to The Coqui Store. Have a look around my store. I hope you like our personalized Clocks. We can personalize your clock with whatever picture or clipart you have and would like to see it in your Home or Office wall.  Your imagination has no limit as to what you can put on it. We specialize in PERSONALIZING Wall Clock & ID Cards. We also sell other products. If you want to get in touch with me, please shoot me an email at thecoquistore@gmail.com

Samples of the Wall Clocks we have produced

We started after some request from some fellow FMF Corpsmen for "DOC" Clock face. From there we expanded to other military units and branches as well as the and civilians community as well. Please see our product page to see some of the clock faces we have made so far. And your imagination is the limit.

We also do Personal, Business, Organization, ID Cards.  Contrary to what many will tell you the ONLY Fake ID Card is the one with the wrong information about you.  Check our page and see what we could do for you. Go to the ID Cards page and tell us what you need


New Website!
So happy to finally have my site live. Like our beloved Coqui  we are "Chiquito, Simpático y Dulzón!"

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