About Me

Name: Jorge A Rivera
Hometown: Riverview, FL

I am a semi-retired Corporate Executive and Consultant. US Navy veteran servicing two years in the NAVY and two years with an FMF unit as their Corpsman.



My motto: Semper Fi –

The Mind is like a PARACHUTE, in order to work . . . It Must Be OPEN!


Hi. My name is Jorge A Rivera, and I'm from Riverview FL I am semi-retired because if I stop working will die.  Have the best job in the world, my own boss, and I can take or leave any client I might not like. I keep busy and enjoy following politics. Primarily those related to the Washington and Puerto Rico's fight to terminate its BIGOTED RACIST  political system.


New Website!
So happy to finally have my site live. Like our beloved Coqui  we are "Chiquito, Simpático y Dulzón!"

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